Under the Surface (Happiest Place Part 3)

I swear to god, this is why we don’t send the new kids to do my job. It’s common knowledge that Disney employees go through a hazing process when they’re first hired. They get stuck doing some simple maintenance jobs, usually in the creepiest parts of the parks or resorts. It’s supposed to be fun, [...]


The Dark Side of the Mouse (Happiest Place Part 2)

Ever since the “incident” with Abby happened, all of us Disney cast members have been on edge. None of us want to work the night shift. Whispers seem to call from the shadows when we do. It’s a little harder to keep up the plastic smiles, knowing what happened to one of us. But most [...]


You fell for it (Stockholm Syndrome Part 2)

I know you’ve read what Carly had to say about me. That silly little girl loved to make up stories, and I always supported her – until she started to turn on me. You’ll be happy to know that Carly is healthy and happier than ever. Unfortunately, she’s indisposed at the moment, so the story-telling [...]

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